The Advantages of using LED’s to grow

Whether you are growing Cannabis or Marijuana, or have a greenhouse, you are looking for any advantage that you can to generate better growth production.

up they go

There is a reason so many people are migrating to the LED grow light systems. They work, and they are efficient. As more plunge into the market, more innovative technology promises to follow.

For now, there are tons of reasons you should go with LED grow lights, and plenty of advantages they can give you.

Below is a list, highlighting what they have to offer you and your plant growth.

Better Lighting, Less Heat

It’s not how much light, it is the efficiency of the light, that your plant is going to need. It need a balance, very similar to the outside conditions giving by the sun. LED grow lights emit far less heat at a more efficient level of illumination. This reduces ruined product and damage to your plant.

Faster Growth Cycle

One of the main advantages you get with LED grow lights is it’s durability and versatility. You can use LED grow lights 24 hours a day, and you have the ability to change the red wavelength light at the proper level for maximizing your plant growth.

Less Energy Consumption

When you compare the consumption levels to High Pressure Sodium bulbs, there’s no contest. A study about Tomato greenhouses, found that energy consumption can be up to 75 percent less if you were to LED. Not only is it more cost effective, energy effective, but also environmentally effective.

Plants Are Healthier

As we know heat and IR ray, UV rays, can be detrimental to the growth of your plants. With LED grow lights, they emit less of these three components, often very limited. Other lights don’t have the controlled luxuries that LED’s do. When a plant dries up, it’s thirty for water, therefore more time is needed to recover. This costs you time and money, and possibly your plant.


As you can see, when you compare LED’s to HPS, the cost of doing business is much more cheaper and effective. Not only are you saving yourself the time and money by going with LED grow lights, you are also pitching in with a more sustainable earth as LED’s have been proven to be much better for the earth than HPS lights.