Delicious Green Tea Noodles You Can Make at Home

green tea soba

Japan is known for a lot of things. And food is definitely something that you would find on that list. Japanese cuisine is a perfect blend of tradition, artistry, creativity, and contemporary flair. The country’s traditional foods are a must-try for everyone who gets the chance to explore its shores. The food alone is worth making the trip for – or at least a visit to a restaurant that serves great-tasting Japanese meals.

Thankfully, you can be almost anywhere in the world and still enjoy some of the best-tasting cuisines the Land of the Rising Sun offers. And one of the dishes you need to try at least once would be the soba or buckwheat noodles. There is something about this simple-looking dish that more than meets the eye. Mori soba is my personal favorite. This cold soba noodle dish is served and eaten with a special dipping sauce known as tsuyu. You dip the cold boiled soba noodles in the sauce and enjoy the uniquely flavorful texture and taste of this delightful dish. There is nothing fancy about this dish. But it does not fall short on flavors that will leave you craving for more.

The best soba dishes are often ones made with freshly-made noodles. So if you are thinking of giving this scrumptious food a try this green tea noodles recipe. Apart from the soba, Japanese green tea or matcha is another must-try. Combining the two in a delectable dish is just one of the many ways to savor and enjoy their goodness. And the great thing about this recipe is that you can always get your hands on the ingredients from your local markets and prepare this treat as often as you like.