Importance of Parks to our Health

Park Benefits

You should visit a park at least once or twice a week. But why? Parks offers many benefits. Besides, parks are free! If you haven’t visited a park for a while now, then you should start now. Let’s proceed to know the importance of parks to our health.

Avoid Heart Diseases and Stroke

How can parks helps us avoid these harmful diseases? Well, parks can be used to keep you physically active!

Having regular exercise helps avoid the risk of heart diseases and stroke. If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford to go to a gym, then parks can help you with that. Parks are free. Feel free to exercise until you’re tired and satisfied!

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Too much stress due to work or school? Visiting a park can help you eliminate the stress out of you.

Parks have a soothing environment which makes you relax and reduce stress and anxiety.  A perfect place to achieve a peaceful mind!

You can play games while on the park! Just bring your laptop and your portable WiFi connection and you’re good to go! Check out why the spore servers are down if you play DOTA 2.

Avoid Being Overweight

Being overweight can make us feel tired, weak, and stressed all the time. It’s not good for our health. As I have previously said, parks offer us the perfect place to exercise. By having regular exercise, you can remove extra fats and helps you avoid the chance of being overweight.

Improves Your Mood

Mad Guy
I Wonder Why This Guy Is Still Mad.

Feeling angry or frustrated? Simply take a walk or run at the park! See how the beautiful greeneries and the calming environment will make you feel better.

If you’re feeling unhealthy, sad, tired, and alone, then you should go to a park regularly! Don’t worry about your budget, you won’t need anything because it is totally free! In addition, interact with new people around the park to meet unique and interesting friends.

See how parks can boost your mood and health? There’s no more reason why you should not visit it, right? So, quickly go and bring your friends for more enjoyment!

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Beat the Winter Blues in the Parks

“It is nice finding that place where you just can go and relax.”  Moises Arias

heating in the winter

The coming of the winter season might cause discomfort and anxiousness. As its icy hands begin to touch your place, make it sure that your space is kept warm so you will feel comfier. Now, if you consider replacing your space heater, find its most durable replacement here at  Your best quality choice will give you a great time in the winter. Being confident that you can beat the cold months, you can consider the idea of going out to the park and spend wonderful moments with your family and friends.

A walk in the Park with your loved ones will help you renew and strengthen your bond. Spending quality time together is still a perfect activity even in the cold months.  It can be a perfect time to relax and unwind. According to the language of William Wadsworth, “Rest and be thankful”. Take a deep breath and enjoy the cold breeze.

Picnic Ideas

Picnicking with nature is a relaxing treat too.  Plan for this activity and get rid of seasonal depression.  Make the most of the quiet and serene world in the park. Take for example the Mead Botanical Garden at Winter Park, United States.  The park offers a fantastic spot for group picnics.  This is a great escape from the miserable winter.  Your winter picnic will be made more enjoyable if you prepare for it ahead. Dress up properly and bundle up.  Set up a picnic table and share your homemade delights.  The beautiful national park can be a witness to your family activities in the winter.

Your winter picnic will be made more enjoyable if you prepare for it ahead. Dress up properly and bundle up.  Set up a picnic table and share your homemade delights.  The beautiful national park can be a witness to your family activities in the winter.

Jog in the park

Running in the cold is a fantastic idea during the winter.  It can give you amazing benefits for the health and fitness.  It can be tough but with your strong determination to maintain fitness and enjoy in the winter,  jogging in the park in the winter season will be very beneficial.

Catch a glimpse of daylight in the snowy park.  Get some fresh air and beat the winter blues.  Drag your family along and enjoy the winter break together. Anyway, your kerosene heater at home can keep you warm after your great park adventure and relaxation.  The dreary season of the year should not stop you from being active.

Archery Brings Fun in the Park


Who says that park is for picnic and BBQ party sessions alone? The park has become a versatile setting for other fun and adventure. The park is the best place for archery fun and leisure.

Are you a beginner or a veteran archer? People from all walks of life want to have fun. It’s a form of stress reliever. Life has all its phases. It can be stressful at times. Strolling in the park can be a form of getting rid of stress. Moreover, shooting in the park is the best way to release stress. Converting your worries into fun and thrills through the bow and arrow is indeed therapeutic. Try this archery today. To give your best shot, find out the best recurve bow that will support your shooting desire. Interestingly, archery will be at its best when it’s done with your most preferred bow and arrows.

Archery has increasing popularity as a sport and as an amazing form of recreation. People take it as the best way to gain confidence during the process of gaining the necessary skills. Shooting a bow and arrow needs utmost proficiency, accuracy, and confidence. Of course, when you are already into it, you always aim to progress to the next level. Your persevering spirit is also enhanced.

Make the most of your time by engaging in a healthy sport like archery. Hence, one of the most reliable means of discovering the precise ways of shooting a bow and an arrow is by participating in archery programs or clubs.Make it a family move. The kids will surely love the thrills archery brings.  This is an optimistic move of gaining confidence in a fun and social atmosphere.  An archery park does wonders to your being.

You can learn basic skills in archery outdoors. In fact, women also give their best shot in archery. Take Sydney Olympic Park as an example. Register now and start building your confidence as you make your first move of achieving your dreams to becoming a Champion in archery.


You can even celebrate any occasion at the archery center of the park. Archery parties can be best enjoyed by all ages. The fun and excitement are worth the registration. Each archer session is guided and fully supervised by qualified instructors for safety and for ensuring total package of fun. You will really enjoy using all archery equipment and be the best shooter you can be.

Don’t worry if it’s going to be your first time to hold the bow because a full safety orientation has to be made at the start of the session.

8 Fun Things to Do in City Parks


When was the last time you visited a city park near you? Green spaces like parks can be good for your health and overall wellbeing. If you want to reconnect with nature, spending some time outside is a good start. City parks provide the natural environment where you can enjoy a relaxing break from your daily routines. Here are some of the fun things you can do while there:

1. Get active. Get some outdoor exercise by going for a run at the park. Or you can ride a bicycle around the area. Some city parks have fitness machines that you can use for free. You can also do some bodyweight exercises or join a game of touch football or Frisbee with friends or other people you meet at the park.

2. Soak up some sunshine. Sometimes one of the best things to do in the park is just sit there in the early morning hours and soak up some sunshine. Getting enough sunlight can be good for you health.

3. Go for a leisurely stroll. A leisurely stroll surrounded by greenery can rejuvenate you. If you live or work in an area with a park nearby then you might want to take advantage of the perks it offers. Spend a few minutes of your time each day to go for a relaxing walk.

4. Read a book.. Catch up on some reading in the midst of nature. Find a comfortable spot and get an hour or so of reading done.

5. Make art . Spending time outdoors can boost creativity. You can use the time you spend at the park by creating art. Write, draw, or use your hands to create whatever you want.

6. Go on a picnic. Plan a picnic alone, with family, or with your friends. Pick a shaded spot where you can enjoy a snack or meal in the midst of verdant trees and plants.

7. Use the time for some digital detox. Set aside some time to unplug. Turn off your phone or put it in silent mode. Spend time at the park looking at things around you. Sit back and watch the people walking by or notice the birds fleeting on the trees around you.

8. Enjoy the scenery. One of the best things about visiting parks is that you get to enjoy the scenery which can be a welcome change from the usual things that you see every day.