Serve Your Cold Press Juice in the Park

The park is the best place you can be. It offers fun and relaxation amidst the troubles of our existence. The spectacular scenery in the park gives a soothing experience we couldn’t explain. The park is a remarkable escape from the harsh realities of life and is the best place to commune with nature to get refreshed and to regain strength once more. We need to speed away from life’s stresses from time to time and national parks offer the perfect place to reunite with ourselves and with nature.  Sharing the best foods and the laughter under the blue skies and beneath the trees is such a fantastic experience for you and your family. Yes, we will have a picnic in the park today. It wouldn’t be a picnic without your cold press juice and only the masticating juicer is most capable of making your delicious purely extracted juice.

Bringing cold press juice in the park will make your relaxation really a great moment for the health. Being there to relax along with nature is already for the mental health. Sipping your cold press juice is for your overall health.  Using your masticating juicer you will surely make you enjoy the best quality juices that are fully loaded with nutrients and enzymes.  It is the best juicer you can use at home if you are to extract the greatest quantity of juice without compromising the nutritive value of your juice.  With the masticating juicer, extracting is done at a very slow speed which helps in not producing heat which will affect the best quality of the juice.

Your cold press juice is a perfect attraction once you laid it on your picnic blanket.  It encourages everyone to take a sip and immerse in the healthy goodness of the juice.  This shows that you can also best enjoy the fruits of your labor anywhere. Your bottled cold press juice will keep you refreshed all the day.Enjoying your nutritious and flavorful cold press juice in the park will make you realize that there is really beauty and satisfaction in nature. The fresh fruits and veggies which are the basic ingredients of your juice are all gifts of nature to man.

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Serving your cold press juice in the park is a fantastic experience which offers amazing health benefits and perfect state of mind. Your sealed juice complements to the fresh air and the green surroundings in the park.  On the other hand, the visual appeal of the park complement to the rejuvenating healthy drinks you bring.

Have you planned for a family picnic lately? Don’t forget to bring your cold press juice and experience real happiness.

Stunning Swimming Pools: Big Whoop in Parks


Have you been to water parks? The water slides, wave pools, and the amazing swimming pools keep you coming back.  It’s a perfect day out with the whole family.  Have a perfect aqua summer adventure!

What is the secret behind the sparkling pools in the park? Obviously, the poolparrot does the amazing job of power cleaning. Check it out and make your best choice. Families would flock to the nearest pool parks to cool off this summer. They love to plunge. They love to swim.  Swimming is a refreshing recreation for the entire family.

The beautiful parks are enhanced more with stunning swimming pools perfect for family outings. It is really fun outdoors.  Let’s check out some awesome parks in the world which reveal the fantastic beauty of nature and the crystal clear parks. These amazing pool parks have something for the family.  Kids would love it! Beat the heat this summer! Come one and all!  Let’s plunge into the water world!

Aquaventure Waterpark – Dubai, United Arab Emirates 

Don’t you plan to visit the number one water park in the  Middle East? Young children would love to explore its amazing hanging bridges,   water cannons, and other fantastic pool features.  Their extraordinary slides  and water coasters would push you more to the most epic water adventure.  All the laughter and shouts are the results of adrenaline-pumping water adventure.


San Francisco Recreation and Parks

Let’s get into the cool aquatic and pools.  Make this as your perfect tour destination. Enjoy the waters and get active with the entire family.  You can choose pools according to your best preferences, be it recreations or lap swims.

Blue Lagoon , Pembrokeshire 

You can visit this water park year round. It’s always a fantastic choice to be in this indoor waterpark. Experience the fun and make your best choice from among the park’s best offers . The kids would surely enjoy exploring the park’s lazy river, indoor and outdoor hot tubs, and coves.  What a refreshing experience it would be.

Alton Towers Water Park

It’s one of the enchanting waterparks in the UK. The park showcases its interactive water features. You can best explore from lazy rivers and bubbly pools. The park’s tree houses are waiting to be explored by the kids. Adults would take a big splash to water roller coasters.  The water park is indeed a great hang out for families and pool lovers.

Water World, Staffordshire

Get hooked into the number one indoor tropical aqua park in the UK.  If you are planning to have a grand water adventure with the whole family,  the Water World is a perfect for you.  The legendary water adventure would take you beyond the fun  in the park.  The amazing  hot tubs and sun loungers in the park would give you a fantastic relaxation that keeps you going. All are set for your best experiences.

Watch this video and be amazed of the cool water parks in the world!

Have you made up your mind?  The breathtaking views in the parks and the epic rides are inviting you to plunge into the bubble pools or ride the waves  in the adventurous wave pools.  What a refreshing summer it would be!

10 of the Most Beautiful National Parks in the World


To be in the midst of wilderness is an amazing experience. Nothing can quite capture the breathtaking beauty of nature that surrounds you. Thankfully, there are still many places where you can find the most spectacular national parks in the world. And here are just some of the best ones out there:

1. Banff National Park, Canada – Canada is one of the best destinations for nature lovers. The country has several national parks that are popular to locals and tourists. The Banff National Park in Alberta is one of the country’s greatest prides. It is pristine nature at its finest with breathtaking landscapes and clear lakes. There is a wide range of activities not just for adventure seekers but for those who are looking for a quiet and relaxing break from the busyness of life.

2. Galapagos National Park, Ecuador – Galapagos National Park is a vibrant ecosystem. It is teeming with wildlife and stunning coral reefs. You can swim in the pristine waters and watch some of the giant tortoises that live in the park.

3. Grand Canyon National Park, USA – The Grand Canyon National Park is the crown jewel of Arizona. Many who have visited the place profess to its grandeur. Marveling at the scenic view can be a moving and unforgettable experience.

4. Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Australia – The best way to experience the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is to gear up for a swim. Scuba diving and snorkeling allow visitors to enjoy a closer look of the coral formations and marine life in the area.

5. Iguazu National Park, Argentina/Brazil – Located in the border of Argentina and Brazil, Iguazu National Park is home to one of the world’s magnificent waterfalls. Nature remains largely untouched in this beautiful place set in the midst of lush trees and plants and colorful flowers.

6. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia – Plitvice Lakes National Park is famous for its stunning lakes in the most beautiful shades of greens and blues. It has several awe-inspiring waterfalls that further add to the allure of this place.

7. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania – Serengeti National Park is a gem among the many beautiful national parks in Africa. It serves as a sanctuary of many of the country’s magnificent animals and is a haven for migratory animals, birds, and wild bees.

8. Torres del Paine National Park, Chile – Torres del Paine National Park is a splendid display of the beauty of nature. Its granite peaks are a sight to behold. The kaleidoscope of colors of green from the vibrant forests and the blues of glaziers and lakes make it one of the must-see places in the world.

9. Yellowstone National Park, USA – Yellowstone National Park has the distinction of being the first natural park in the world. But that is not the only amazing thing about this place. It has also served as home to a herd of bison. The national park covers over two million acres of land where you can find forests, geysers, lakes, and a wide range of plants and animals.

10. Yosemite National Park, USA – Yosemite National Park has picturesque scenery that will leave you breathless with its richness and beauty. The blooming of wildflowers in spring results to an explosion of colors that make the views even more majestic. Expect to find pristine lakes and mountain peaks capped with snow.