5 of the World’s Best Hiking Trails


Hiking is a great activity that not only comes with many health benefits. It is also an excellent way to spend more time with nature. There are many trails around the world that offer the most amazing views for hikers of all levels. If you are thinking of exploring more of the world’s most beautiful trails, you can these destinations to your bucket list.

1. Buckskin Gulch, Utah, USA

This trail surrounded by breathtaking rock formations is not for the faint of heart. Bucksin Gulch is a long and deep slot canyon that stretches to about 13 miles. Some parts of the narrow canyon can be tight squeeze. The hike can take roughly 2-3 days.

2. Everest Base Camp, Nepal

The long and scenic trek to Everest Base Camp is an ultimate goal for many hikers around the world. Serious trekkers have taken on the challenge which takes roughly a week to finish. Soaring peaks and beautiful scenery surround hikers as they attempt to reach the Base Camp. The trek can be intense, but the reward can be immensely satisfying as you soak in the breathtaking views and experience the culture.

3. Inca Trail, Peru

The Inca Trail is a popular trekking destination. It is a 26-mile hike against the backdrop of spectacular scenery. Trekkers are greeted by breathtaking mountainous landscape, verdant forest, and ancient structures that include ruins. And best of all, it leads to many amazing sights the most famous of which is the Machu Picchu dubbed as the Lost City of the Incas.

4. Superior Hiking Trail, Minnesota, USA

Superior Hiking Trail takes is a 277-mile trek in the wilderness. It is a long hike that takes about two to four weeks depending on speed and changes in the weather. It is a popular trail among avid trekkers. The beautiful and rugged terrain is set in the midst of lush forests with towering trees, a beautiful lake, and wildlife some of which you can occasionally catch a glimpse of.

5. Walker’s Haute Route, France & Switzerland

Walker’s Haute Route takes hikers from Chamonix, France to Zermatt, Switzerland. This trail provides an enchanting vista of the French and Swiss Alps and takes about two weeks to finish. Towering peaks, snow-capped mountains, and valleys with vibrant meadows offer a picturesque scenery that makes a spectacular backdrop to an amazing hike.

10 of the Most Beautiful National Parks in the World


To be in the midst of wilderness is an amazing experience. Nothing can quite capture the breathtaking beauty of nature that surrounds you. Thankfully, there are still many places where you can find the most spectacular national parks in the world. And here are just some of the best ones out there:

1. Banff National Park, Canada – Canada is one of the best destinations for nature lovers. The country has several national parks that are popular to locals and tourists. The Banff National Park in Alberta is one of the country’s greatest prides. It is pristine nature at its finest with breathtaking landscapes and clear lakes. There is a wide range of activities not just for adventure seekers but for those who are looking for a quiet and relaxing break from the busyness of life.

2. Galapagos National Park, Ecuador – Galapagos National Park is a vibrant ecosystem. It is teeming with wildlife and stunning coral reefs. You can swim in the pristine waters and watch some of the giant tortoises that live in the park.

3. Grand Canyon National Park, USA – The Grand Canyon National Park is the crown jewel of Arizona. Many who have visited the place profess to its grandeur. Marveling at the scenic view can be a moving and unforgettable experience.

4. Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Australia – The best way to experience the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is to gear up for a swim. Scuba diving and snorkeling allow visitors to enjoy a closer look of the coral formations and marine life in the area.

5. Iguazu National Park, Argentina/Brazil – Located in the border of Argentina and Brazil, Iguazu National Park is home to one of the world’s magnificent waterfalls. Nature remains largely untouched in this beautiful place set in the midst of lush trees and plants and colorful flowers.

6. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia – Plitvice Lakes National Park is famous for its stunning lakes in the most beautiful shades of greens and blues. It has several awe-inspiring waterfalls that further add to the allure of this place.

7. Serengeti National Park, Tanzania – Serengeti National Park is a gem among the many beautiful national parks in Africa. It serves as a sanctuary of many of the country’s magnificent animals and is a haven for migratory animals, birds, and wild bees.

8. Torres del Paine National Park, Chile – Torres del Paine National Park is a splendid display of the beauty of nature. Its granite peaks are a sight to behold. The kaleidoscope of colors of green from the vibrant forests and the blues of glaziers and lakes make it one of the must-see places in the world.

9. Yellowstone National Park, USA – Yellowstone National Park has the distinction of being the first natural park in the world. But that is not the only amazing thing about this place. It has also served as home to a herd of bison. The national park covers over two million acres of land where you can find forests, geysers, lakes, and a wide range of plants and animals.

10. Yosemite National Park, USA – Yosemite National Park has picturesque scenery that will leave you breathless with its richness and beauty. The blooming of wildflowers in spring results to an explosion of colors that make the views even more majestic. Expect to find pristine lakes and mountain peaks capped with snow.

8 Fun Things to Do in City Parks


When was the last time you visited a city park near you? Green spaces like parks can be good for your health and overall wellbeing. If you want to reconnect with nature, spending some time outside is a good start. City parks provide the natural environment where you can enjoy a relaxing break from your daily routines. Here are some of the fun things you can do while there:

1. Get active. Get some outdoor exercise by going for a run at the park. Or you can ride a bicycle around the area. Some city parks have fitness machines that you can use for free. You can also do some bodyweight exercises or join a game of touch football or Frisbee with friends or other people you meet at the park.

2. Soak up some sunshine. Sometimes one of the best things to do in the park is just sit there in the early morning hours and soak up some sunshine. Getting enough sunlight can be good for you health.

3. Go for a leisurely stroll. A leisurely stroll surrounded by greenery can rejuvenate you. If you live or work in an area with a park nearby then you might want to take advantage of the perks it offers. Spend a few minutes of your time each day to go for a relaxing walk.

4. Read a book.. Catch up on some reading in the midst of nature. Find a comfortable spot and get an hour or so of reading done.

5. Make art . Spending time outdoors can boost creativity. You can use the time you spend at the park by creating art. Write, draw, or use your hands to create whatever you want.

6. Go on a picnic. Plan a picnic alone, with family, or with your friends. Pick a shaded spot where you can enjoy a snack or meal in the midst of verdant trees and plants.

7. Use the time for some digital detox. Set aside some time to unplug. Turn off your phone or put it in silent mode. Spend time at the park looking at things around you. Sit back and watch the people walking by or notice the birds fleeting on the trees around you.

8. Enjoy the scenery. One of the best things about visiting parks is that you get to enjoy the scenery which can be a welcome change from the usual things that you see every day.